Monday, 24 April 2017

Enable virtual workspaces in Windows 10

Using workspaces is an absolute necessity in my opinion. In previous versions of Windows, it was possible through third party applications or by installing Microsoft System Internals.

Well, now it's built into Windows 10, which is very handy. Here area some easy to remember key bindings to get you started.

Win + Tab                    Virtual desktop overview
Ctrl + Win + Left         Navigate to previous desktop
Ctrl + Win + Right       Navigate to next desktop
Ctrl + Win + D             Create new virtual desktop

With an application open on a desktop, you can enable full screen:

Ctrl + Win + Up           Toggle restore/full screen
Ctrl + Win + Down      Toggle minimize

Also, if you have another monitor attached, you can use the following shortcut to move windows between screens

Win + Shift + Left/Right 

If your sight is not the best, use the magnifier to zoom in and out:

Win + +                        Zoom in
Win + -                         Zoom out