Thursday, 15 September 2016

Set default template size in Inkscape

Having to set up your working environment in any field can be tedious and time consuming. I like things set up a certain way and that rarely changes over time, so here I'll show you how to set up your default canvas size in Inkscape.

  • Go to Inkscape and set your desired canvas
  • I prefer my measurements to be in pixels and set to a height and width of 1000px x 1500 to fit nicely on my laptop
  • Save your desired setup as default.svg in your home directory at ~/.config/inkscape/templates/default.svg

And voilĂ , we have a new default setup to our liking each time we open Inkscape. You can also  save this in your root environment to have it available for all users but moving your default.svg to /usr/share/inkscape/templates with the following commad:

sudo mv ~/.config/inkscape/templates/default.svg /usr/share/inkscape/templates/

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Change menu icon in Ubuntu Mate

Sometimes you want to change the simple things in Linux, just because you can. In my case, I felt like using Tux as my menu button for a change, so here's how to do change it in any Mate desktop...

  • If you don't have a ~/.icons directory, create it in the terminal with mkdir ~/.icons
  • Navigate to your icon folder (usually in ~/.icons)  
  • Copy your desired icon theme there
  • Open the 24x24 size
  • Open the actions folder
  • Create or replace the png  icon with the name  start-here.png
Sometimes, the icon will be massive and mess up the size of the whole menu bar, to fix this all you need to do is reduce the size of the icon to 24 x 24 px.

Personally, I use the Mist theme which is a nice generic blue set of icons the stands out nicely on my favorite boring grey colour of #222222.

If anyone would like the links, here is the small Tux icon and Mist theme